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Blue Doll Face Smokey Grey Persian Cat

You can read about the transition from doll face persian to ultra persian by clicking on this link opens in a new window. In 1950 s a genetic mutation caused a change in breed s face and the newborns came up with scrunched features like we see now.

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Initially doll face persian cats had a pronounced muzzle.

Blue doll face smokey grey persian cat. Doll face persians are said to have a more old fashioned appearance with a face that is not as flat as the show persian or the peke face. 113 views april 19 2020. Doll face persian cats believed healthier by some breeders.

For more details call or. Extreme face male blue gray persian kitten smokey bezio persian kittens. Himalayan and persian kittens by violet.

Clearly doll face kittens are healthier and better looking we think version of the persian himalayan and exotic shorthair cat breeds. Think twice about the breathing problems such a cat might have before deciding to get one. Persians can come in different looks some known as peke face persians have an extremely flat face.

Specializing in doll face persian kittens for sale since 1989 a rating with the bbb. 207 views february 27. Doll face male cameo tan persian kitten dewey bezio persian kittens.

The long thick coat of grey hair is the most sought after characteristic of the grey persian cat. The persian cat origins. Click below to browse our available kittens by color category.

The persian cats like and need protein like chicken turkey fish and other types of seafood. Persian cat doll face black and white 2 cats 5000 each but i like both in one home these twins vaccination done black male white female 4 5 month old d warming done both friendly understand hindi u can give command de listen n do as per u with all accessories cage food bowl water bowl 4 food mating for both medicines belt comb etc. Himalayan and exotic shorthair persian kittens also available.

This link takes you to the history opens in a new window of the breeding programme over the past 40 years or so. Rather than having the extreme pushed in facial structure that selective breeding among fanciers has created doll face kittens have a much more normal appearing face the natural and traditional. Perhaps the first thing to note is that most of the pictures on this page are of ultra or extreme persians.

Persian cat breeders who support maintaining the traditional doll face type of persian say health considerations are one of the strongest reasons to continue breeding for the original type. Characteristics of the grey persian. Contact jen at 860 605 5368 if interested.

In general though the grey persian cat retains its gentle and loving nature which makes it a top choice pet to have in the house. The extreme style of the show persian s head can lead to excessive tearing and that can lead to facial staining.

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