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Bengal Cat Glitter Fur

What is glitter on bengal cats. Is regularly used all over the body and face by young women on the way to a fun night at the club and that s why bengals are always ready to party.

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The abovementioned effect can t be called neither shining nor sparkling but really glittering.

Bengal cat glitter fur. Bengals have a wild appearance. When you look at the cat it seems as if some very thin rays of light come through its fur and it starts to glitter. Spot patterns can look like a cheetah s or a jaguar s.

This is so exquisite yet so hard to capture in its entirety on film. When talking about the bengal cats the term glitter is referring to the metallic appearance on the feline s fur. When the sunlight hits the soft silky coat of the bengal cat the translucent hair picks up the rays making the cat look as though he or she is sparkling with glitter.

One of the most beautifully unique characteristics of the bengal cat is the glitter in our fur. One of the features of cat s fur is its glitter that is usually seen on clean not ticked fur. Link to belle ami bengals.

The bengal cat is a domesticated cat breed created from hybrids of domestic cats especially the spotted egyptian mau with the asian leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis the breed name comes from the leopard cat s taxonomic name. Bengal breeders had noted an effect called glitter on some of their cats. All of our kittens queens and studs have the beautiful soft silky pelts fur synonymous to the bengal breed that are covered with gold glitter.

There were times when we were showing warhawk their first glittered cat that judges were trying to wipe off the glitter thinking we had sprayed his coat with something to make him sparkle. Maybe this is due to some tiny cavities in its hair. Our bengal furbabies have the classic brown and black spotted rosetted markings as well as the stunning silver snow and charcoal bengals.

Our bloodlines have become famous for producing and perpetuating the wonderful gold tipped glitter that is so unique to the bengals. This became desirable within the bengal breed. Marble patterns look like elongated blotchy tabby stripes and are the rarer pattern style among bengals.

On the brownbengals the effect was of gold dust termed golden glitter while on silver bengals it had a pearly effect. These cats have a special fur structure by nature it has unusual light reflection. As for bengal cat colors they re like your typical cats there s a wide variety.

Glitter makeup body glitter etc. Bengal cats come in two pattern styles. The golden glow of a brown bengal or the pearl dusting effect on a lighter coloured bengal must be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

When glittery bengals were first shown some judges tried to rub the glitter off with a cloth as they were convinced that it was an artificial add on that some savvy breeder had applied to the cat to make it stand out. Their golden shimmer comes from their leopard cat ancestry and their coats may show spots rosettes arrowhead markings or.

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