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Bengal Sokoke

Sokoke kadzonzo cattery. I have seen this marked bend in the spine when sitting in pictures of rangy cats such as the maine coon savannah and the sokoke.

Freya Is A Female Sokoke Being A Sokoke Makes Her Rare But Being A Female Sokoke Makes Her Very Rare Females Are Inspirational Cats Cat Breeds Cat Reference

Sokoke adalah ras kucing domestik alami yang dikembangkan dan distandarisasikan sejak akhir tahun 1970 an yang berasal dari ras lokal liar khadzonzo di sebuah hutan bernama arabuko sokoke di kenya menurut orang giriama di kenya khadzonzo berarti terlihat seperti kayu.

Bengal sokoke. The tail is thick and medium long and should be carried low. The sokoke is a natural cat breed cat which means they developed without the need for human intervention these felines are known for being athletic intelligent and sociable. Kimburu bengal sokoke.

The total impression of a bengal should be that of a medium to big athletic and muscular cat with a surprisingly long body. This makes the back seem even longer. The sokoke is also the fastest domestic cat as well as the most intelligent and telepathic.

Kimburu bengal sokoke anita h. The back is long and straight with the hind quarters strong and muscular. Verification needed it is named after the arabuko sokoke.

Breeding the wonderful bengals and the fascinating sokoke cats. Eng 44 1303 893 958. The breed s name comes from the arabuko sokoke forest in kenya.

They are incredibly friendly and attached to their family membe. Oktober 2001 visitors since 2nd of october 2001. The sokoke or sokoke forest cat in long form and formerly the african shorthair is natural breed of domestic cat developed and standardised beginning in the late 1970s from the feral khadzonzo landrace of eastern coastal kenya the sokoke is recognized by four major cat pedigree registry organizations as a standardised cat breed.

The savannah is a cross between the serval a wild cat and a domestic cat and later on in their development the bengal was introduced. The serval inhabits the african savanna and the african savanna crosses from north tanzania to south kenya. You may find these cats in shelters and rescues so remember to always adopt.

Last updated 16th of may 2003. Ulefoss 47 938 038 09. Jeg har bengal kattunge zephyr til salgs.

Kimburu bengal sokoke.

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