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Hairless Cat Breeds Peterbald

Apart from their coat or the lack of it they re said to highly resemble oriental shorthairs a closely related cat breed. Mironova crossed an oriental shorthair cat with a don sphynx cat.

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Peterbald breed history the peterbald is a new hairless cat breed that originated in russia in the early part of the 1990s.

Hairless cat breeds peterbald. They are essentially the oriental version of the more common sphynx cat breed since they were created by crossing this breed with others. Because it became really popular in saint petersburg russia the name peterbald was given to this new and unique cat breed. The result of a breeding between the hairless donskoy and the oriental shorthair the peterbald was.

The peterbald is a new hairless cat breed which was developed by russian cat breeders by crossing the don sphynx and the oriental shorthair cat. Other less known breeds include the ukrainian levkoy a cross between a donskoy and a scottish fold the elf a cross between a sphynx and an american curl the dwelf a cross between a sphynx american curl and munchkin and the bambino a cross between a sphynx and a munchkin. The sphynx donskoy don rex and the peterbald are the most common.

Pictures of hairless cats. Our peterbald cats pictures showcase some of the most beautiful cats in an array of coat colors. The peterbald cat is a young darling breed from russia known for its peculiar appearance.

There are several breeds of hairless cats in the cat fancy today. These sweet kitties are typically hairless slim and muscular. First developed in 1994 by a russian cat breeder who crossed a sphynx with an oriental shorthair the peterbald is the ultimate family friendly cat.

The breed was first developed in 1994 when a russian breeder named olga s. In addition to their striking appearance these cats are renowned for their affectionate and caring nature. As a newer cat breed the peterbald cat s history is somewhat limited.

Though comparable to the sphynx and oriental breeds the peterbald is a breed unto himself. The peterbald is one of the so called hairless cat breeds although this is not always the case see more below. Without further ado hoomans please meet the lovely peterbald.

In 1994 a hairless breed known as the donskoy was bred with the oriental shorthair. However despite his rapid rise in popularity the peterbald still remains a relatively rare purebred cat to this day.

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