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Abyssinian Banana Plant Overwintering

Before the first frost cut the stem back to about six inches tall and place it in a cool dark place approximately 40 50 f. Overwinter your abyssinian red banana in a garage or storeroom if you do not have a greenhouse.

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You may take it inside if you have space and treat it as a houseplant.

Abyssinian banana plant overwintering. To chop not to chop. Place the stump and roots in a cool about 45 to 50 f 7 to 10 c but frost free spot possibly a barely heated garage a root cellar or a crawl space. Or you may store it in your unheated basement that remains cold but not below freezing.

You can also choose to leave foliage on hardier types over winter. In this episode i will be preparing my abyssinian red banana plant or ensete maurelli banana for the winter time. Even if they won t survive the winter it was worth it to have the plants from may to november.

Cut off all the leaves leaving about 5 feet of stem and clean the roots. If this is the case cut the plant down to 6 inches 15 cm above the ground and either apply a thick layer of mulch or store those in containers in a cool dark place for the winter watering it very minimally. If an attached garage or crawl space makes more sense for overwintering your container grown banana begin preparing the plant by gradually reducing irrigation as the weather cools.

All three plants were dug out placed in big plastic containers and moved into the garage. Overwintering banana plants is a different story if they re too big to fit inside. It s time to overwinter my banana plant in.

You have a few choices with this plant in regards to overwintering it in connecticut. No lighting or watering will be needed during the plant s dormancy. On november 28 2014 i posted about preparing my three red abyssinian banana plants ensete ventricosum maurelii for winter abyssinian banana overwintering.

Overwintering a banana tree outside. Leave the stem to dry for a day and them wrap in breathable packing material and store upright in a cool dark place. Abyssinian banana red maurelii ensete musa ventricosum ethiopian banana red abyssinian banana false banana.

Dig up the plant clean off the dirt and let plant sit for a day or two to dry alittle then i sprinkle asome fungicide or cinnamon on the roots and put the plant in a big paper yard waste bag and sit it in the corner of the basement in as little light as possible lightly spray the roots once or twice during the winter and bring the plant. Extra protection for cold areas step 4 erect a wire frame around the plant. If you really want to ensure the plant s survival another way to protect it would be to stretch a wire frame chicken wire around the trunk of the banana and secure this with two stakes which are hammered in on either side of the banana taking care not to disturb the roots.

In march it s time to wake up your banana plant up again.

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