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Balinese Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds

Hypoallergenic cats oriental shorthair cornish rex sphynx russian blue bengal balinese siberian devon rex javanese laperm siamese burmese colorpoint shorthair ocicat you d love to have a cat but you your spouse or kids are allergic to cats. That is proven by the research of several universities that show siberian breed produces ten times less allergen compared to other domestic cats.

Yvonne Balinese Cat Cat Names Hypoallergenic Cats

Balinese cats are smart sweet and fun to be around.

Balinese hypoallergenic cat breeds. They have a pale base color with darker points at the face ears tail and paws. The balinese is a mutation of the more well known siamese and thus has the same striking characteristics. Siberian cat together with balinese one are considered to be the most hypoallergenic cat breeds in the world.

Although the balinese is a medium haired cat it produces much fewer allergens than other cats. What cat breeds are considered hypoallergenic. Balinese cats are not hypoallergenic.

So maybe your allergies won t miraculously be cured when you get a balinese cat. Unlike siamese however their name is not indicative of the region the breed hails from. Balinese cat brief description.

Often thought of as the most intelligent of the long haired breeds the balinese are actually an offshoot of the siamese. The coat on the contemporary balinese is of a silky texture medium length and lying close to the body. Know about 14 hypoallergenic cat breeds.

They also shed less than other cat breeds due to a lack of an undercoat. This breed is typified by a long and tapering form with softer lines than the siamese owing to the fuller coat. In fact the balinese is noted for its lack of shedding amongst long coated cats.

The coat is single coated with only minimal shedding. But for now there is no real research to support this. But rather their elegant nature.

They are called hypoallergenic because they produce lower allergens than the more common cats we know. That s because they produce the least of the fel d 1 protein unlike any other cats. However your balinese may not make you go through a tissue box a day.

Balinese are very smart breed and very easy to train. Balinese cats are said to produce less of the most common allergen fel d 1. Balinese cats produce less fel d1 a protein that causes allergies.

As far as we know balinese cats could potentially be hypoallergenic. Often referred to as the longhaired siamese the balinese looks like an unlikely candidate for a hypoallergenic cat breed. But it is one of the few breeds that produce less of the fel d1 protein than other cats thus causing fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers.

The russian blue is intelligent and loves to play it will even fetch and is sweet and. Additionally they do lack an undercoat which means that they shed less and spread about less allergens. For all these reasons the russian blue is considered one of the top hypoallergenic cat breeds.

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