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Bengal Big Cat Pet

The breeder enchanted tails lists bengal sizes as males between 12 and 15 lbs. The bengal breed is fully domesticated although it was originally bred from a cross between an asian leopard cat a small wild cat that lives in forests and a regular domestic cat breed such as abyssinian american shorthair or burmese.

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Bengal cats are hybrids of domestic cats and asian leopard cats.

Bengal big cat pet. The leopard cat looks very much like a domestic cat except for the larger snapping eyes pronounced whisker pads longer legs and brilliant leopard style markings. It looks in fact like a miniature leopard. Bengals have a wild appearance.

Recall the foundational generation ratings. And females between 8 and 12 lbs. Bengals are not typically included in lists that exclude exotic or big cat breeds due to the fact that they are smaller are accepted by several other organizations as a pure breed and are bred consistently past three generations the first three generations look and act the wildest.

For the bengal this big tempered cat can lead to a big jump. The bengal breed originated as a hybrid of a domestic cat felis silvestris catus and a leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis. The size also impacts the dexterity and agility of the cat such as how high the cat can jump.

The average size of this feline is not much larger than an average domestic kitty. Now only its markings are wild looking. Bengal cats have the look of their wild relatives but the size and personality of a domestic kitty.

Their golden shimmer comes from their leopard cat ancestry and their coats may show spots rosettes arrowhead markings or. They do mention though of knowing a male bengal that weighed 20 lbs. Considered the big cat for the big boys the bengal cat is an exotic pet that you can get if living with a dog in a condo is too cliché for you.

The bengal cat is a domesticated cat breed created from hybrids of domestic cats especially the spotted egyptian mau with the asian leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis the breed name comes from the leopard cat s taxonomic name. According to the bengal cat club their value depends on their generation rating. Bengals are expensive and might be one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.

But a bengal cat may seem bigger than it actually is because of its strong and muscular body. A female kitten from an f1 generation with a direct asian leopard cat parent can cost anywhere from 2 000 to 10 000 usd. Packed with playful attitude immunity to common lethal feline viruses and leukemia and a build of an asian leopard cat wrapped in an amazing color pattern you couldn t ask for anything more from.

Plus they re cute and unlike larger exotic cats they probably can t cause any super serious injuries to humans. A bengal cat is considered a hybrid breed. The size of a bengal cat is linked to their direct ancestors so their size is genetically determined.

The average weight of this cat is 6 15 pounds.

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