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Blue Fawn Blue Abyssinian Kitten

Professional breeding on a family dimension exclusively oriented on abyssinian x abyssinian breeding in the 4 traditional colours that are ruddy red blue and fawn. Ruddy blue fawn and sorrel.

Gorgeous Color Kind Of Looks Like A Blue And Fawn Together Actually This Might Be A Singapura Abyssinian Cats Cat Breeds Cute Cats And Dogs

The silver varieties of the basic four colors are recognized in many associations.

Blue fawn blue abyssinian kitten. A cat having a blue coat is somewhat of a misnomer and their coat is usually a deep steel grey that appears blue overall. The coat is marked by a base of white silverfish grey color that is ticked with a black color. 2010 2011 kitten 2011 2012 premier show seasons.

This is probably the reason why the cat fanciers association doesn t recognize this as an authentic color for pedigree abyssinian cats and only considers ruddy blue fawn and sorrel as the true colors of this species. The cat fanciers association the world s largest organization for pedigree cats will accept only 4 abyssinian cat colors. 7 abyssinian cat colors.

To enquire about the availability of kittens or if you have any questions concerning abyssinian cats please contact me and i will be happy to help. Blue and fawn abyssinians are often called the dilute colours. In ruddy red blue and fawn sassy jena tommy razzle heyzena saphira thunder goldie if you would like to learn more about us and the abyssinian and somali breeds visit our about us page.

The base hair the belly and insides of the legs are typically a pale cream color. That is why the blue abyssinian kitten looks gorgeous and exclusive. They are recognized by the registries of all cat associations worldwide.

Diluted and many use the expression only regarding blue and fawn but you mustn t forget that sorrel is also a diluted version of ruddy. Dilute means exactly that. They also often have a dark blue stripe that runs down their spine through to their tails which is usually tipped in a deep blue coloration.

Blue and sorrel are in comparison on an equal footing to ruddy in so far that both. The historical traditional and basic colors of the abyssinian cat are ruddy tawny usual red cinnamon sorrel blue and fawn. Usual sorrel blue and fawn abyssinians.

There are however 3 other colors silver chocolate and lilac. They have blue grey paw pads and noses with amber green. Fawn sisters toaster and bubbles click here to see abytopia kittens in their forever homes powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates.

If you dream of buying a pink abyssinian kitten fawn aby p then most likely you will face a difficult search since this color is very rare. An abyssinian fawn kitten will remind you of a lion cub the tone of this color is similar to the color of cocoa or coffee with milk and sometimes it can acquire shades. Photos of front range abyssinians somalis.

Health character beauty and socialization are constant objectives of our breeding program. Such a noticeable transition of shades from a cold to a warm tone is practically not found in other breeds. Abyssinians with blue coats have a dark soft blue grey coat ticked with a deeper blue.

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