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Breeds Abyssinian Guinea Pig Colors

The abyssinian aby or abby is one of the oldest breeds of guinea pigs. Guinea pigs or cavies scientific name is cavia porcellus are gentle pets.

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It is recognized by the symmetrical rosette hair radiating symmetrically from a center and erect ridge patterns on its body and head.

Breeds abyssinian guinea pig colors. The american is the most commonly owned type of guinea pig and they come in 19 different color classifications. Dominant traits can influence everything from guinea pig eye color to hair length to pigmentation. You should know that phenotypes are extremely varied when it comes to guinea pig breeds and colors according to research studies.

Specifically there are 10 popular breeds. Here are some pictures of various colors. These guinea pig breeds differ in color shape coats size and personalities.

The abyssinian guinea pig is an adorable breed of domestic cavies popular for its unique coat and outgoing personality. Abyssinian the abyssinian aby or abby is one of the oldest breeds of guinea pigs. Their coats are short and silky and much more manageable than the abyssinian s.

Abyssinians typically have an even number of rosettes with the show quality specimens having eight or ten swirls of hair including two on their shoulders two on their hips two on their rump and two or four on their back. It s not entirely clear why abyssinian guinea pigs were named after an african location abyssinia is the name of a historic ethiopian kingdom but the earliest records of the breed date back to 16 th century europe. The abyssinian also has a mustache of raised fur around its nose.

All breeds are recognized in the following varieties except as noted for white crested. This is one reason why certain hair colors are more common simply because they are dominant in the species. There are satin abyssinian guinea pigs which just have a glossier coat that the regular abyssinian.

Pick a type of guinea pig. There are even show breeds judged by organizations such as the american cavy breeders association. The arba recognizes cavies in thirteen breeds as follows.

These guinea pigs are very sweet and docile which explains their popularity. By now you ve probably learned that there are actually several guinea pig breeds to choose from. Descriptions colors pictures of guinea pig breeds.

Abyssinian satin american american satin coronet peruvian satin silkie silkie satin teddy teddy satin texel and white crested. Abyssinian guinea pigs are often slightly high strung and excitable so they re rarely recommended for novice cavy owners. Unlike dogs the choice is easier since there are only a few main guinea pig breeds.

There are a lot of color variations found in guinea pigs but there are eleven basic types of colors. There are over 60 guinea pig breeds which vary in terms of characteristics such as color and hair length. The abyssinian cavy has 10 rosettes hair radiating symmetrically from a center one on each shoulder four across the saddle one on each hip and two on the rump.

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