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Cat Breeds With Pointy Ears

In fact they can be pushy about getting pats and cuddles even if you are busy doing something else. Slender the abyssinian cat is one of the famous cat breeds in the united states.

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The classic cat is more energized then the other two as well.

Cat breeds with pointy ears. The devon rex shares many of the attributes you likely noted in his cousin the cornish rex. Both have unusual fur although the devon s is a bit less curly than the cornish s big eyes and you guessed it outstanding ears. There are a number of long haired breeds which create various kinds of styles like the lynx point on the tips of maine coon cat ears.

10 15 years. Judy sugden is credited to have developed this breed of cats. It is a medium sized domestic cat having small and round ears with a well defined muzzle.

Tetsu yamazaki animal photography. The siamese is a sleek cat with prominent ears. Their ears are slightly bigger along with a pointed face and slightly upturned nose.

Tall muscular body. The extra fur that grows from the tip of their ears is also believed to have been a product of the breed s adaptation to harsh weather in russia and the siberian region. Grey tiger common mackerel tabby.

Nothing comes immediately to mind but i would get to one of the sites which shows all the breeds to see if you can find something similar in a known breed. These cats are known for their vocalizations and will chat with their humans day and night especially when they have an opinion to express. Apart from their well chiseled body one of the key physical traits of siberian cats is their pointed ears which feature prominent ear tufts.

They are prone to the same ear. Sweet and spirited this breed has been popular with cat lovers since the late 1800s. Due to their propensity for taking things that don t belong to her they re also known as aby grabby.

This breed of cat resembles a tiger in appearance. Just like the other two however this is an affectionate cat.

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