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Different Persian Cat Faces

Here moore breaks down the personalities for the three basic cat face shapes to help determine the ideal human companions for each. Some are fluffy some are slim some are hyper and some are sleepy.

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The persian cat is characterized by its broad face flat nose round eyes and small ears.

Different persian cat faces. They began to selectively breed for this characteristic. Barnaby the hero of today s post is a fluffy persian whose key traits are his melancholic eyes his permanent frown and a 20 hour sleeping schedule. The tabby division is not one that s singular to just the persian breed.

The persian tabby division is one that features three different patterns. Persians can come in different looks some known as peke face persians have an extremely flat face. Many of these persians experience asthma.

These days cat fanciers associations require persian cats to have very flat faces. Some cat fancier organizations breed standards subsume the himalayan a. It is also known as the persian longhair in the english speaking countries.

In addition to the white or silver persians we all know these pretty kitties can have grey orange black tri colored and even calico coats. Doll face persians are said to have a more old fashioned appearance with a face that is not as flat as the show persian or the peke face persian. These are large cats often in charge and very difficult to dismiss as anything other than lovely.

Its long and thick coat is very silky which needs to be brushed daily comes in a multitude of different colors as you ll see below. In fact any cat can be a tabby based on color and pattern. Doll face persian classic persian old fashioned persian long nosed persian old style longhair traditional longhair and original longhair.

What it teaches us is that there is no wrong way to be a cat. The first documented ancestors of the persian were imported into italy from iran around 1620. Traditional persian is one of several names for a group of cats that are considered to be essentially the original breed of persian cat before the variety was selectively bred to have extreme features.

Round getty images breed examples. Cats come in many shapes and sizes. They also have round cheeks and large circular eyes.

The persian cat is a long haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle. This facial structure causes peke face persian cats to have difficulty breathing. Other everyday usage names are.

Continue to 3 of 11 below. So over the years persian cats faces have become flatter. Recognized by the cat fancy since the late 19th century it was developed first by the english and then mainly by american breeders after the second world war.

In the 1950s breeders discovered a persian cat with a very flat face a genetic mutation. And there are just as many varieties of persian cats including tortoiseshell calico and tuxedo. There are types of persian cats in solid colors some with spots and others with speckles.

These cats have a square shaped head a small nose and a long jaw. Think twice about the breathing problems such a cat might have before deciding to get one. If a show persian cat has a cold it becomes almost impossible for these cats to breathe normally.

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