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Persian Cat Grooming Cuts

Persian cats fur tends to get greasy but frequent baths can remedy that. Check for fleas tender skin rashes.

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Bathe your cat once to twice a month.

Persian cat grooming cuts. If your cat is young start with two baths a month to get them used to the process. This is just not for appearance but to prevent mats which can multiply quickly once started and be very painful for a cat. A demonstration and tutorial of a full cat grooming of a persian cat.

Pay attention to the problematic areas under the neck behind the ears back and legs where the hair is particularly tangled. You will also need to trim their fur on occasion. Here are the basic persian cat grooming tips.

You must use a special cat combs every day to remove excess hair knots and impurities. Also your eye regiment including eyewash eye washing pads powder and brush. Let s look at the step by step process for grooming your persian cat s fur.

You need to be aware of how to prevent and remove matted fur. Persian cats have thick fur that is prone to matting. How to groom a persian cat.

Here are my six steps to grooming my cat. Persian cats are the most demanding cats in terms of grooming requirements. Cats have very thin skin that is really easy to accidentally cut.

Afterward depending on how oily their coat gets you could cut back to once a month. Include your comb and also a pair of small scissors. Check the eyes and ears clean them.

Besides increasing overall hygiene the comb cut makes the cat s skin more easily inspected and can thus alert you or your vet to any skin related health issues more quickly. Avoid injury by taking your persian to an experienced cat groomer. Grooming a persian let s start with the tools we need.

That way it doesn t take time each day to gather your supplies. It is best to have a grooming bag or basket in which to keep them in. All persian owners must be willing to do a minimum of brushing 3 5 times a week or better yet daily brushing.

Step 1 calm the cat. Baths can be given once a month or as required. Tips and techniques to cat grooming.

Grooming your persian cat s long coat involves brushing and washing it on a regular basis. Bath once a month for persian cats you must follow all 5 steps daily. Calm the cat and myself.

Including cat bathing cat blow drying cat brush. Grooming your persian cat is a great bonding moment. Lion cut often given to longhair breeds such as persians and maine coons the lion cut entails trimming or shaving the cat s fur except for on her head neck feet and tail.

Have a look at best brushes for long haired cats. A lion cut is a popular cut for long haired cats.

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