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Persian Cat Grooming Styles

If you go to a professional for grooming you will leave with a lighter wallet or purse as the costs are very high. They need to be brushed and combed daily bathed once or twice a month and have their nails clipped every ten days to two weeks.

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Both activities play an integral role in persian cat health as a clean coat helps improve the general well.

Persian cat grooming styles. This is just not for appearance but to prevent mats which can multiply quickly once started and be very painful for a cat. It is advised that persians be washed once a day and given monthly baths to preserve their brilliance and softness. In addition to fur care you need to groom your persian cat s eyes ears and nails.

Persian cats have beautiful long hair that requires regular maintenance. Persian cats are the most demanding cats in terms of grooming requirements. I always recommend using a slicker brush first to help remove any dander debris and loose hair then follow through with a wide tooth comb.

Without it the persian coats will quickly get twisted and matt which could be painful. See more ideas about cat grooming grooming cats. Brush and comb your cat s hair starting at the base of the hair near the skin and combing outwards.

If you re giving your cat a complete grooming in one day it s important to follow steps in the proper order. The only maintenance required of the persian cat owner is grooming which should be regular and frequent. Grooming persian cats at home.

This is my lovely cat edgar who is a white persian. Once you establish a grooming routine you will have no trouble maintaining your persian cat s beautiful appearance. This is our daily grooming routine including the brushes and products we use to keep him looking gorgeous.

Learn how to take care of their grooming needs. It should come as no surprise that persian cats need a lot of daily grooming because of their long coats. The long coat of the persian cat should be kept clean and smooth something that can only be achieved by regular baths and grooming.

May 14 2020 explore pet groomer s profit generatin s board cat grooming followed by 4985 people on pinterest. There are plenty of cat grooming cat grooming styles and products available for long haired persian cats. All persian owners must be willing to do a minimum of brushing 3 5 times a week or better yet daily brushing.

The comb will catch any tangles or matts that a brush often misses. Before we discuss how to groom your persian cat let s look at the supplies you need.

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