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Rare Exotic Mammals

With two long parallel horns the creature is often referred to as the asian unicorn resembling an antelope but technically related to cattle the saola are found only in the annamite mountains of vietnam and laos making their population albeit certainly extremely small unknown in exact figures to researchers. Perhaps one of the most endangered species in the world these gentle and shy animals were once found extensively in the rainforest.

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Published december 6 2010.

Rare exotic mammals. A few examples of such rare and exotic endangered species are. Discovered in 1992 the saola is a rare breed of mammal native to vietnam. Running along the west coast of india the mountains of western ghats are home to a rare species lion tailed macaque.

These gorillas found in the eastern lowland are completely herbivorous. The lion tailed macaque can be found in the tiny isolated pockets of the tropical forest in the western ghats. From echidnas to hairy nosed wombats see ten of the rarest and weirdest mammals on earth as ranked by the zoological society of london.

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