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Red Abyssinian Banana Care Indoors

The established plants are drought resistant to some extent. The abyssinian banana ensete maurelii red banana care tips winter hardy to usda zones 10 11.

Growing Ornamental Bananas How To Grow A Red Banana Plant Banana Plant Care Banana Plants Red Banana Plant

Plant your abyssinian red banana outdoors in rich soil after the last frost of the year.

Red abyssinian banana care indoors. In autumn cut the plants down and either dig them up and transfer them into pots which you can move indoors until late spring. Around the base of the plant. Red bananas are favored for their large.

Plant care for red bananas. How to protect banana plants over winter. Abyssinian bananas also known as black bananas are very tropical specimen plants that would do beautifully in a conservatory or sunroom.

Apply 1 to 2 lbs. The abyssianian banana needs plenty of water especially in the dry season. 19 c are ideal and day temperatures in the 80s 26 c.

Night temperatures around 67 degrees f. Choose a sheltered sunny site as the large leaves of your banana tree can be seriously damaged by the wind. How to grow bananas.

The plant should not dry out between watering sessions. Mulch the roots and protect the stem with horticultural fleece or a thick layer of straw in autumn so it doesn t succumb to winter frosts. Amend the soil as needed with compost and other amendments to create rich well draining soil.

Indoor bananas need warm temperatures. Water regularly and feed with a nitrogen rich fertiliser once a fortnight. On vancouver island zone 8b plants may b.

Allow the plant to dry out some between waterings. Grow banana plants in full sun to partial shade in fertile moist but well drained soil in a sheltered spot. Water the red banana plant every other day.

Fertilize the red banana plant using a 8 10 8 general purpose fertilizer. The red banana plant musca zebrina rojo also known by the common name blood banana is an ornamental variety of banana. The key to successful growth is more.

More water more light more fertilizer and more warmth. The soil needs to be kept moist but not saturated. More on growing bananas.

However ensure the moist soil is well drained ranging from a ph level of 5 5 to 6 5. While an indoor banana tree needs more water than those grown outside it should never be allowed to sit in water which inevitably leads to root rot.

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