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Siamese American Shorthair Mix Black

They are pointed cats but darker colored than the siamese cat. Snowshoe siamese are cream and white with blue eyes and originate from a mix of siamese and the two colored american short hair.

Like His Ancestor The Siamese The Snowshoe Is A Pointed Cat Meaning She Has A Light Colored Body With Dark Areas In Seal Or Snowshoe Cat Cat Breeds Cool Cats

Thai cats are pointed cats which are also known as thaikatzen or wichien matt.

Siamese american shorthair mix black. The beautiful light colored cat in imitation of the striking color points in seal lilac chocolate and blue made his western hemisphere debut in victorian england where he was touted as the royal cat of siam what we now call thailand. It is the only spotted domesticated cat bred especially to emulate the cats of the wild but it has no wild dna genes. Black siamese cat with green eyes the siamese is one of the oldest and best known cat breeds.

Tonkinese is a mix between burmese and siamese breeds. Derived from the wichianmat landrace one of several varieties of cat native to thailand formerly known as siam the original siamese became one of the most popular breeds in europe and north america in the 19th century the carefully refined more extreme featured modern style siamese is characterized by blue. A crossbreed of the siamese and bi colored american shorthair the snowshoe cat is both rare and beautiful.

The ocicat originated from the hybridization of the abyssinian siamese and american shorthair all different cat breeds. The siamese cat is one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of asian cat. These cats originated in philadelphia and although they have been around for more than four decades they are rare because it can be so difficult to reproduce the correct markings.

Siamese cats cannot have full black fur because point color pattern is a defining feature of them. If you are in america or canada and have a black cat with a long slender appearance it is more likely that the cat is a mixed breed or domestic shorthair cat. The ideal oci is large active and athletic in appearance.

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