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White Persian Cat Colors

Blue really describes a shade of gray or a dark slate color. Both colors are rare.

Colourfulxmas Couldn T Find A Chinchilla Persian As Beautiful As Mine But The Eye Colour Is Quite Close Here Persian Kittens Cats Persian Cat

These white long hair cats have an average life of about 10 15 years.

White persian cat colors. Persian cat color calculator index. The cameo has marks in red and the cream cameo has markings in cream. White persian cats are essentially medium sized cats that appear to be bigger because of their flowing coat.

White kittens will have soft pink noses and no eyeliner. A silver kitten s nose will always be a rosy pink wine color. To determine what color your persian kitten will be use the color calculator by choosing the color of the father mated to the color of the mother in the index below shown in alphabetical order.

Their paw pads will also be light pink in color. The van pattern is a white cat with spots confined to the extremities and no more than 2 color spots on the body. You may or may not know this but white persians can have four different eye color categories.

Himalayan division the himalayan cat was originally created by breeding siamese to persian several decades ago. Red can be a deep copper or ginger tone. This makes the silver persian kittens look very glamours.

White persian kittens past kittens pictured on this page are some of our past white persian kittens. White persian cats have shiny white coat color made up of long hairs and can sometimes have a coat made up of hair having silver touches give this cat an ethereal appearance. Below you can see a photo example of a silver persian next to a solid white persian kitten.

1 copper eye all the other coat colors only have copper eyes. In these cats the ground color has been lightened to off white providing higher contrast. Apart from the white persian cat that may have copper blue or odd eyes 1 blue.

Persians are found in black blue red white cream lilac and chocolate. 4 bi eyes can have one blue eye and one gold or green eye.

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