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Yellow Turtle West Bengal

It s one kind of a rarely occurring flapshell turtle he wrote. What is a yellow turtle.

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Indian forest service officer debashish sharma who shared the images of the rescued turtle on twitter said the turtle was found in a pond in burdwan and rescued.

Yellow turtle west bengal. Recently residents spotted a rare yellow turtle from burdwan village pond in west bengal this tuesday october 27. A rare bright yellow flapshell turtle was rescued from a pond in west bengal india. This is just three months after one was discovered elsewhere in india.

The reptile is believed to be albino or leucistic caused by a genetic mutation. Debashish sharma of the indian forest services tweeted pictures of the turtle in a post on social media and also shared details. Nature is full of amazing wonders and an example of it was seen in west bengal s burdwan where a rare bright yellow turtle was recently found.

In 2019 and 2020 we found records of yellow flapshell turtles in uttar pradesh too he added. According to him he had records of a yellow flapshell turtle from north bengal in 2017. A rare bright yellow turtle was found and rescued in the burdwan village pond in west bengal india last tuesday oct.

A rare flapshell turtle of a peculiar yellow colour was rescued from the pond in burdwan. Today a yellow turtle was rescued from a pond in burdwan wb. This is the second such incident while the first yellow one was spotted in.

Rare yellow turtle found in west bengal thom dunn 4 37 am mon nov 9 2020 indian forest service officer debashish sharma recently tweeted about the discovery of a rare all yellow flapshell turtle. This is the second time in this year that a yellow. A rare yellow turtle was rescued from a pond in west bengal s burdwan on october 27.

A rare yellow turtle was rescued from a pond in west bengal on tuesday. Netizens are amazed as rare yellow turtle rescued in west bengal while there are millions of species of plants and animals present on the planets biologists keep on finding new species that leave.

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