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Young Bengal Movement Was Started By

The young bengal movement was launched in calcutta by a group of radical bengali free thinkers called derozians emerging from hindu college. A number of derozians were attracted to the brahmo samaj movement much later in life when they had lost their youthful fire and excitement.

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They were known as derozians after henry louis vivian derozio.

Young bengal movement was started by. This association was founded by a teacher of the hindu college henry vivian derozio the supporters of young bengal movement were influenced by the ideals of the french revolution. They were also known as derozians after their firebrand teacher at hindu college henry louis vivian derozio. They learn to think express motivate and protest against the superstitions history more says the young bengal movement started renesans in this country in nineteenth century which made our people more advanced in the context of all kind socio economic and political development free thinking and free expressing are their major contribution.

A partenin 2 gyananneshon 3 the hindu pioneer 4 bengali spectator. They preached the ideals of liberty equality and fraternity. They posed an intellectual challenge to the religious and social orthodoxy of hinduism.

Henry louis vivian derozio was one of these great individuals who became a legendary figure in his lifetime for his masterful teaching humanistic rationalism and for triggering intellectual radicalism among his students of the hindu college who later became known as young bengal or derozians sarkar 1979 de 1932 lucas 1934 sarkar 1979 derozio by his formal teachings informal discussions and debates attempted to inculcate in the mind of the students the spirit of radicalism against. The young bengal was a group of bengali free thinkers emerging from hindu college calcutta. Besides this he edited hesperus and calcutta literary gazette.

1 publishing news paper quarterly fortnightly weekly daily. During late 1820 s and early 1830 s there was a young bengal movement launched in calcutta by a radical intellectuals known as derozians emerging from hindu college they were known as derozians after their teacher henry louis vivian derozio who led the movement first nationalist poet of modern india. The activities of the young bengal movement.

Young bengal movement. The young bengal movement started publishing paper from 1828 they published. Young bengal movement was launched by henry louis vivian derozio 1809 1831 who had come to calcutta in 1826 and was appointed in the hindu college as a teacher of english literature and history.

The young bengals were inspired and excited by the spirit of free thought and revolt against the existing social and religious structure of hindu society.

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