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Abyssinian Cat For Sale

Your kitten is handled within a few hours after birth by our family members and introduced to new scents textures and sounds for socialization. To enquire about the availability of kittens or if you have any questions concerning abyssinian cats please contact me and i will be happy to help.

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It has noticeably large pointed ears that made it attentive and alert with the surroundings.

Abyssinian cat for sale. The abyssinian is a slender fine boned medium sized cat. Abyssinian kittens for sale cats for adoption the abyssinian is a highly active cat that will demand your attention and affection. Its color becomes lighter as it gets older and the ticking turns to be more evident.

We do not mass produce cats and do not raise our kittens or cats in cages. These cats are born with a dark coat that lightens as they grow over the first few months. They usually have gold or light brown eyes.

All kittens are desexed with two vaccinations micro chipped wormed fleaed regularly litter. Like all cats the abyssinian is best kept indoors to protect it from diseases and injuries by cars and other animals. Their fur colorings appear to be banded together to create a distinctive appearance.

We take the greatest care in raising our abyssinian kittens from their first breath until they come to your home so your kitten is assured the best quality of life. All the common feline health issues can be found in the abyssinian. Small home based cattery raising abyssinian kittens in all the commotion of a normal busy household.

Abyssinian is a cat robed with refined and short haired coat usually ruddy and rarely on hues of silver. Cheetara abyssinians was established in 1985 and has established a stellar reputation for healthy long lived affectionate beautiful abyssinian cats ever since. As well they do seem to have a predilection for progressive retinal atrophy pra an eye disorder that ultimately leads to blindness and renal amyloidosis.

Abyssinian kittens for sale felis catus also known as ethiopian kittens are short haired dometic kittens with a unique and interesting ticked coat. This slender shorthaired medium sized cat comes in several different colors. They will happily play the day away with new and interesting games or toys and when they are not playing they are most likely showing off their athletic ability by climbing to great heights.

Always active in breed rescue giving back to our breed is priority. Ruddy red blue and fawn. The abyssinian is a very active playful and inquisitive breed with a high intelligence and engaging personality.

Abyssinian is a breed of domestic cat that has a distinctive ticked shorthaired coat meaning each hair is banded with different colors. There is nothing like an abyssinian. Ruddy is the usual color.

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