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American Bobtail Cat Price

Its origin is not exactly known bobcat one breed of north american s wild cats the only tailless cat that lives on the continent but its share in the development of american bobtail cat has not been confirmed. 1 874 99 american bobtail is a friendly highly intelligent adaptable and personable cat.

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The american bobtail cat is one of the first among these new bobtail cat breeds.

American bobtail cat price. 7 11 pounds. However their high price has been set on the basis of their exceptional character and looks which makes them stand out from all other cats. A reputed breeder takes more price than an unknown breeder.

The average price of an american bobtail cat is 600 to 1000. Range with males in the 12 16 lb. Being a rare and popular breed of cat the american bobtail adults and kittens are expensive.

They should appear somewhat long in body with a substantial amount of bone. 12 16 pounds. Bobtails are exceptionally affectionate and devoted to their owners and can be quite demanding of.

It is often described as being dog like in temperament. Find american bobtails for sale on oodle classifieds. American bobtails should also be well muscled and athletic in appearance.

The average price depends on the breeder to breeder. Join millions of people using oodle to find kittens for adoption cat and kitten listings and other pets adoption. The american bobtail is a sturdy medium sized cat of surprising weight for its size.

Don t miss what s happening in your neighborhood. If you adopt an american bobtail from any rescue team than the average price will be 75 150. Females tend to be in the 7 11 lb.

Their cost varies from breeder to breeder but generally lies between 650 to more than 1000 usd. Average 600 1000 usd. Compare view product american bobtail kitten.

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