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American Shorthair Silver Tabby Breeders

Catty hills american shorthairs cattery is located in the wild west of north dakota. They have no congenital health issues no special diet requirements and are happy social pets.

Breeder Of Quality American Shorthair Cats American Shorthair Kitten American Shorthair Cat American Shorthair

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American shorthair silver tabby breeders. Best american shorthair kitten of the year iw bw richson greatest american hero. American shorthairs mollybean x kc may have kittens after the first of the year. The american shorthair breed is a breed with the most beautiful classic tabby markings and are so full of fun.

American shorthair breeders specializing in breeding quality american shorthair classic silver tabby kittens from pedigreed championship bloodlines. They are hardy intelligent affectionate and make ideal house cats. Silverpaws kitties are socialized to help maximize the warm and loving nature of cats and make them exceptional additions to your family silverpaws cattery inc the premier cat fancy association licensed cattery in the midwest for american shorthairs specializing in the rare shaded silver silver ticked tabby and shaded cameo colors.

American shorthair kittens for sale from milla s kats cattery. I raise silver tabby american shorthair cats i love the temperament and the look of this breed and they become part of your family. Our babies are raised on raw meat which they typically start eating as early as four weeks and continue throughout their life.

Steven meserve vikki moran owned by. Cream tabby silver tabby silver patched tabby are all possible colors with this breeding working with classic tabby in a variety of color in american shorthair. I have been raising pets for over 20 years and the american for seven the kittens come from grand champion bloodlines.

Miribu cattery founded in 1967 by the late margot mellies md has been breeding american shorthair cats of the highest quality for over fifty years. The late margot mellies was a cfa licensed cat show judge judging 1979 until 2008. Our silvers have been imported from russia australia germany england and canada.

We also breed american shorthair brown tabby and american shorthair silver tabby and white kittens. Our cattery s foundation cats are from noted britz mysticat manikoeb broeckloni and de noble lines. Careful selective breeding programs have resulted in numerous champions and grand champions as well as cfa regional and national winners and distinguished merits.

Combining the chocolate and cinnamon of my ragdolls with the silver and classic tabby genes of the american shorthair i know will produce a glorious look. Silver tabby silver tabby with white. We are american shorthair breeders based in southern california.

American shorthair cats are an easy to care for breed of cat. The silver tabby american shorthair cat your next companion. Best american shorthair of the year iw bw sgc windleaves top gun of plymouthrock black silver classic tabby white bred by.

Our kittens are sociable friendly and healthy. Specializing in the very rare silver classic tabby british shorthair blue silver classic tabby and an occasional british longhair.

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