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Balinese Black And White Cloth

Bali is a place where tranquility harmony and balance preside. Some motives are even considered sacred and only can be used for religious activities in temples.

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If something is believed or made to be spiritually or magically charged then the object s special nature is signified by a wrapping of different coloured cloths the most common being black and white red or white and red chequered cloth saput poleng and white yellow cloth.

Balinese black and white cloth. Endek clothes also called wastra endek is a balinese weft ikat cloth that is still preserved its sustainability and still used as a material for ritual ceremonies clothing school and also office uniform. And if you look closely at the pattern you realise it isn t in fact black white there are grey squares too. In the cloth there is an equal number of alternating black and white squares.

This special cloth is called saput poleng in the local language and is considered somewhat sacred. It seems that everything is symbolic and that even the symbols are symbolic. And because the blend of black and white threads is slightly different depending on whether the warp or weft of the thread is on top there are in fact four shades.

Endek s motifs are so diverse. A frequent use of polèng is as a wrapper for sacred trees. But when balinese say saput poleng they are not referring to any two colored cloth because this.

The balinese black and white checked poleng cloth symbolizes the balance of the universe. Sounds these tend to represent different names for god. Most of the printed cloth comes from java but there are still weavers in bali who produce hand woven polèng for special applications.

The black and white checked poleng is one of bali s most ubiquitous cloths used to wrap shrines banyan trees rocks and other auspicious objects the black and white squares represent the complementary forces of chaos and order a duality known as rwe bineda that is central to balinese belief as a wrapping the cloth protects against destructive forces mala and cleanses impurities. Polĺèng cloth are the black and white checkered pattern seen almost everywhere polèng refers to the black and white squares and not the material from which it is made or if it is woven or printed. While it s known to some as the ultimate surfing destination it s also a haven for yoga retreats meditative escapes or simple relaxation amidst.

In a literal sense saput means blanket or cloth and poleng means two colored. Balinese symbolism introduction a symbol is something that represents something else. Saput means blanket and poleng means in two tones.

By diane amato posted on 28 march 2017. All over bali you will see black and white checkered cloth draped over trees statues and worn by people in ceremonies. This philosophy of balance and harmony can be found everywhere in balinese everyday life and it is symbolized in the black and white trademark textile of bali.

This textile is called saput poleng. Balinese culture is very rich in symbolism. The most famous is om which represents brahma or sanghyang widi.

There are numerous examples. Poleng bali s unique black white weaving technique.

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