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Balinese Music Instruments

There are two sizes of bamboo flutes both used in theatrical music and a rebab two stringed spike fiddle. This ensemble is composed of gongs gong chimes cymbals drums bamboo flutes plucked strings and xylophones.

The Saron Is A Musical Instrument Of Indonesia Which Is Used In The Gamelan It Normally Has Seven Bronze Bars Placed On Top Musik Musik Tradisional Indonesia

Each instrument in balinese gamelan is paired and the pairs are slightly detuned resulting a natural beating between the instruments.

Balinese music instruments. But as time goes by it becomes the part of balinese music instruments that play in most ceremonial events. Balinese instruments include bronze and bamboo xylophones. This instrument is used to play for protecting the farm from birds and other pests.

It has a unique name just like the common balinese name of musical instruments. It s played by hitting one plate with another. Calung bungbung is a kind of balinese traditional music instrument made from bamboo.

The instrument was made of metal the shape of a round slab like a cymbal. Gongs and a number of gong chimes are used such as the solo instrument trompong and a variety of percussion instruments like cymbals bells drums and the anklung a bamboo rattle. The first type of traditional balinese musical instrument is ceng ceng.

The traditional balinese ceng ceng musical instrument is commonly called the ricik ceng ceng.

The Kenong Is One Of The Instruments Used In The Indonesian Gamelan It Is Technically A Kind Of Gong But Is Placed On Its S Musik Indonesia Musik Tradisional

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