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Balinese Names

Indonesians do not follow the western naming practice of a given name followed by the family name. Bali baby names bali names the balinese language or simply bali is spoken by some 3 3 million people on the indonesian island of bali in nusa penida lombok and java.

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Just browse the modern indonesian babies names shortlist indonesian name from a z alphabetic order and get the indonesian baby name of your choice.

Balinese names. Most of the parents pick only one name for their children which is culturally or. Sitompul and rajagukguk are clan names usually found in people with batak or north sumatran heritage. Indonesian names reflect the rich culture and heritage of the country.

As a popular saying goes a name is a prayer you give to a child discover beautiful indonesian names and what they mean. Muhammad m arabic urdu punjabi pashto bengali tajik uzbek indonesian malay avar. You can pick up the best indonesian names of your choices along with meaning popularity numerology comments and many more babynology has collection of 225 indonesian names with meaning.

For example people from the wesya aristocratic caste might be named gusti dewa or desak people from the ksatria kings and warriors caste are often called ngurah anak agung or tjokorda and people from the highest priestly caste the brahmana are often named ida bagus for men or ida ayu for women. The balinese use a unique system to name their children. All first born are called wayan or gede or putu the second born are called made or kadek the third is called nyoman or komang and the fourth is called ketut.

In general indonesian names fall into one of the following categories. For instance a kshatriya person may be named i gusti. Bright nimble sunlit sunny.

Most balinese speakers also speak indonesian. A balinese name may also indicate caste. Indonesians take the noble task of naming their children very seriously.

Indonesian malay and avar variant of muhammad. A major group missing from this generator are balinese names. Muhamad m indonesian malay avar.

Some balinese people have names that denote their caste or clan. Means praised commendable in arabic derived from the root ح م د hamida meaning to praise. From the way the name sounds to meanings all are considered to determine a decent and graceful name for the beloved.

Balinese name is given by birth order. A single name such as sukarno and suharto. In 2011 the bali cultural agency reported only about 1 million use balinese in their everyday lives with fewer parents.

1st child are named wayan putu gede. The naming conventions of indonesians reflect the polyglot nature of the country.

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