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Balinese Naming System

Ksatria warrior or ruling caste. A balinese name will have three parts.

Balinese Names Explained Ultimate Bali

In bali it gave rise to many names and titles from which one can tell a person s caste status position heritage.

Balinese naming system. Brahmana priestly caste. The firstborn child is named wayan putu or gede the second is named made or kadek the third child goes by nyoman or komang and the fourth is named ketut. The result shows that lexically the names of balinese have the meaning of expectation and memory.

Both boys and girls receive birth order name from a small typical group of names for each birth order position. Every balinese child is simply named by his or her order of birth. Balinese people do not use a family name.

The balinese have adopted a hindu caste naming system by naming children according to their caste level and birth order. The balinese name system explained and clarified the balinese people all have names which sound a lot alike. Balinese name system everything is in order.

In fact you may find it very confusing to learn people s names at first because none of them use a family surname like people from western cultures do. In general balinese people name their children depending on the order they are born and the names are the same for both males and females. A balinese name is part of a system of identification used by the balinese people and in the western parts of the neighboring island of lombok indonesia.

Everything has its place. 1 articles 2 adjectives and 3 numeral. In the hindu bali system there are four castes.

The third born is nyoman. Also a name is given according to a person s caste. But the caste system helps make some differentiations.

The balinese caste system catur warna which came to bali with the majapahit from java in the 14th century is unlike in india relatively unimportant today. A title a birth order name and a personal name. Balinese names are non gender specific so both male and female children are named in the one to four series.

The first born boy or girl is wayan. In the sudra and waisya castes male names are preceded by i and female by ni for example i made putra of ni made putra meaning second child with the name putra from. Based on the analysis of the linguistic structure it was found that the names of balinese were classified into three types of words.

The second born is made pronounced ma day. These names may vary due to caste regional customs and variations in the balinese language between the. Names are prefixed by ida bagus for males and ida ayu for females.

That is no accident and not entirely intentional. Names are prefixed by tjokorda for males or tjokorda istri for females.

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