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Balinese Ragdoll Cat

This is a very hardy healthy choice one that will fit into any lifestyle. Search cats kittens in western cape on public ads.

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The mix of all of the different breeds traits have made ragdolls the lovable floppy cats that we know and love today.

Balinese ragdoll cat. Ragdoll cats on the other hand are american bred and came about in california in the 1960s. He is approximately 4 years old. The balinese cat breed is an active cat breed that demands your attention and affection.

Ann baker of riverside california developed the ragdoll breed and trademarked the name. History of the balinese cat. He has been neutered.

The good news is that if you are open to having an active cat you will happily give them the attention and love needed because they are incredibly lovable. The balinese is also known as the purebred long haired siamese since it originated as a natural mutation of that breed and hence is essentially the same cat with a medium length silky coat and a distinctively plumed tail. But often they have white fur on the points like the snowshoe and mitted feet the main differences are that the ragdoll is a larger cat and it has a more docile character hence the name of the cat.

This is a loving lap cat for either a one person home or a multi person situation. These balinese cats are just such a breed actually it is a longer haired refinement of the original old style siamese sometimes referred to as applehead traditional is a genetic subset. The balinese is a type of siamese cat.

They re a result of cross breeding persian angora and birman cats for generations. Ragdolls this breed also came about in the 1960s when seal point cats were all the rage. Cat breeders balinese ragdoll kittens for sale cat and kitten adoption feline health and care.

He weighs about 10 8 lbs. Another cat that is similar in some respects is the ragdoll another long haired cat ragdolls can have pointing that is the same as a balinese. Unlike the ragdoll it is a rather vocal breed that loves climbing and is often found on elevated places in and around the home.

Find balinese ragdoll cats or kittens in western cape. Learn more about this breed. The balinese is a long haired breed of domestic cat with siamese style point coloration and sapphire blue eyes.

The first ever ragdoll came from a persian angora cat that bred with several unknown birman males out of which one presented the siamese staple seal point coloration. Henry catvill is a cream and seal male balinese mix. The cat has really lovely hair and doesn t have an undercoat.

The balinese cat breed. The balinese cat is a slender and fine boned cat.

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