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Balinese Temple Dress Indonesia

Bali temple dress code and etiquette do wear a sarong or scarf. Every year bali opens its magical doors to more than 4 million visitors.

Offerings For A Temple Bali Fotografi Bali Indonesia

Traditional balinese womens dress.

Balinese temple dress indonesia. Anyone visiting a balinese temple in indonesia should at least wear two basic elements of balinese traditional dress a sash selendang and a sarong style skirt known as a kain. Despite its strong customs and traditions balinese culture is very welcoming. It is a symbolic gesture with a function.

Women would be bear breasted whilst tending daily chores around the house or visiting the market. If you ve always wanted to witness a balinese religious ceremony you could always visit a bali temple to see prayers taking place you need wear sort of bali traditional clothing and having some etiquette. Bali also has its own special aspects of clothing when visiting temples.

Wear modest clothing and wear a top that as minimum covers your shoulders. To save the women s modesty the kebaya was introduced. While the weather is mostly hot it can vary depending on whether you go to the beach or mountains.

Before the dutch colonized indonesia and bali there was no traditional balinese dress. Balinese culture is nothing short of enchanting. Cover your upper body.

Sarongs can usually be rented or are included in the ticket price at most temples in bali. Balinese dress and balinese textiles introduction balinese temple dress which is called adat dress is not a matter of choice nor is it a fashion statement. However the full balinese outfit for women which also includes the kebaya blouse is an elaborate ensemble worn for temple.

More modest clothing would be worn at the temple through respect. It should be noted that this relates to visiting a temple as a tourist only and not for a ceremony. Balinese temple dress indonesia.

It is compulsory attire for everyone for the temple. There are not strict dress codes other than when you visit religious sites. Divine origin as with nearly everything in bali dress has a divine continue reading balinese dress and balinese textiles.

The best time to do so is when a large ceremony is being held such as during full moons or also known as purnama by locals. Please note when going to the temple the closer your outfit is to the balinese tradition the easier it will be to let you in the less you will be asked for money at the entrance usually at the entrance give the missing items for an additional fee and the better you. If attending a ceremony the proper attire is a kebaya lacy blouse sarong and sash selendang for women and a white shirt udeng headdress sarong.

In this post we outline some important rules to remember when visiting a balinese temple. Take off your shoes before entering a temple.

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