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Bengal Tiger Siberian Tiger Size Comparison

Siberian vs bengal tiger. The siberian tiger is also known for its broad chest and large skull.

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Siberian tiger vs bengal tiger size comparison and fight tiger facts waleed august 6 2018 0 bengal tiger panthera tigris tigris and siberian tiger panthera tigris altaica share quite many similar characteristics besides size yet they do live in altogether different habitat conditions.

Bengal tiger siberian tiger size comparison. Amur tigers also known as siberian manchurian ussurian or northeast china tigers are the largest of the tiger subspecies. The siberian tiger is generally considered the biggest of the species though it s similar in size to the bengal tiger. In areas near human settlements people often kill tigers to prevent attacks on humans and livestock.

Bengal and siberian tigers share many standard features but some of the elements can easily differentiate them. Bengal tigers tend to reach their max size at around 240 kilograms 525 lbs while being slightly shorter. Males can grow up to more 10 5 feet 3 3 m from head to tail and.

Bengal tiger panthera tigris tigris it is perhaps the best known subspecies of all and some people know it as the indian tiger because it is the area where it lives. Siberian tigers are the bigger of the two subspecies with males weighing up to 300 kilograms 675 lbs and standing up to 0 9 meters 3 ft at the shoulder. Siberian tiger bengal tiger size comparison.

Indochinese thailand 189 vietnam 5 laos 2 china 7. The heaviest on record was a staggering 660 pounds. Siberian tiger and bengal tiger both are the subspecies of panthera tigris.

Bengal tiger panthera tigris tigris and siberian tiger panthera tigris altaica share quite many similar characteristics besides size yet they do live in altogether different habitat conditions. Previously the siberian tiger was considered the largest of the subspecies however recent studies indicate that the bengal tiger is currently the largest the total length of the bengal tiger can reach 270 310 cm long the siberian tigers can measure up to 200 to 250 cm in length in both cases the tail measures 80 to 100 cm. Its average size is around 5 7 feet long and some males can reach 10 feet or more.

Siberian tigers are bigger than the bengal tigers and the former also seems to possess moderately dense coat for they breed in harsh cold habitats. The females of both species are considerably smaller than the males. Bengal bangaldesh 106 bhutan 103 nepal 198 india 2 226.

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