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Bengal Toyger Cats

Although the asian leopard cat is just a far relative in the lineage of most bengal cats they do have this small wild cat to thank both for their looks and their unique personality considering that the toygers are a cross between a bengal cat and a domestic cat it s only natural that they share many traits with their parent breeds particularly the leopard like feline. If you ve ever dreamed of having your own tiger around the home the toyger comes pretty close.

Toyger Cat Breed Bengal Cat Toyger Cat Spotted Cat

You may also notice that the toyger is a very muscular cat breed.

Bengal toyger cats. While there are no wildcat genetics in this breed it certainly looks like it and they have distinctive tiger stripes decorating their body. Males typically are larger than the females. But even breeders like anthony whose bengal cats are frequently shown and awarded think that they still haven t reached that ideal breed standard.

This is simply not true and this page will demonstrate the many distinct differences between these two breeds to help guide us into better understanding. It is widely believed that the toyger is simply a striped bengal. She was named snuggles because she likes to snuggle up to me.

This is likelya contribution from the strong and powerful body structure of the bengal. You can be sure that every kitten is loved and well cared for in our home. One day she keeps bringing me toys so much so i started to brush them away then she ran and brought them back to me.

We only breed top quality pedigree cats. The toyger breed has been created using many different breeds and moggy cats over the last 20 years. The toyger is a mixed breed cat a cross between the bengal breed and domestic shorthair tabbies.

They are always working on improving the quality of the gene pool perfecting the standard and creating truly stunning bengal cats with extraordinary features. Snuggles aka fetch is a seal lynx snow bengal with blue eyes paw print rosetted bengal. Affectionate energetic and playful these kitties inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents.

Our toyger kittens are bred indoors and handled daily to ensure that they are well socialized with people. The toyger is a hybrid breed a combination of domestic shorthair tabby cats and a bengal cat. About the bengal cat the bengal breed originated as a human made hybrid of the asian leopard cat and the domestic cat.

All our toyger cats and kittens are registered with tica the international cat association. Male toyger cats can weigh between 10 pounds and 15 pounds whereas female toyger cats will typically weigh between 7 pounds and 10 pounds. Toyger cats are very intelligent social and outgoing so they do very well around all sorts of people and animals they make great family pets.

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