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Bombay Black Cat Breeds With Yellow Eyes

Black cats typically have green orange copper or yellow golden eyes. Once the cat is mature the coat is black to the root short tight and extremely shiny.

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The bombay is a short haired breed of domestic cat closely related to the burmese.

Bombay black cat breeds with yellow eyes. Friendly affectionate active loves children. The bombay cat is a medium sized cat. Even the paw pads are black.

British breeders achieved the same look and personality with crosses of burmese and black domestic shorthairs. Between 12 and 15 years. The holidog times holidog.

Bombay cats are typically characterized as having an all black coat black soles black nose and mouth with copper or green eyes. Discover all about the bombay cat breed from their origins to their health problems and many more. The late nikki horner an american breeder is credited for creating the first bombay in the late 50s.

However she wanted the cat to have certain characteristics of the burmese. Find out more about its personality here. The breed is instantly recognizable by her solid black coat and striking yellow eyes.

It is hard to say what is more eye catching about the bombay. Her objective was to breed a cat which looked like a miniature panther with a glossy black coat and yellow eyes. Additionally check to see if your cat has a strong muscular build which is common in bombay cats.

The bombay cat is a breed of black cat with either yellow or green eyes nicknamed the miniature black panther. Its golden eyes or its shiny black coat. The close lying sleek and glossy black coat is generally colored to the roots with little or no paling.

Key facts about the bombay. Today the breed is recognized by all cat associations. It is very rare but black cats can actually permanently have blue eyes too.

American or european shorthairs with a solid black coat more commonly have green eyes. Their black coats and piercing yellow eyes give them an undeniable charm. The bombay has a medium body build that is muscular.

The cat fanciers association gave the bombay full recognition in 1978. The bombay has the distinction of being the blackest cat in the cat fancy. To identify a bombay cat start by looking for defining characteristics such as shiny black fur gold or copper eyes and a rounded head and shoulders with a short nose.

Bombay cats are a breed of cat that have a solid black coat and typically have copper or golden colored eyes. Her goal was a sleek shiny black cat with a muscular body and friendly temperament.

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