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Chocolate Brown Long Haired Chocolate Brown Brown Cat Breeds

As the name suggests this breed is selected for its coloring which is chocolate brown lavender or a combination of the two. This active and friendly cat breed loves to delight humans with their playful performances.

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Most of these cats are all chocolate brown.

Chocolate brown long haired chocolate brown brown cat breeds. While the balinese is technically one of the long haired cat breeds its tail hair is significantly longer than the rest of its coat. The turkish angora is the oldest known breed of long haired cat in europe. If you have to brush it be gentle.

The york chocolate has large almond shaped eyes that are either green or gold. The york chocolate or simply york is an uncommon and relatively recent american breed of show cat with a long fluffy coat and a tapered tail and most of them are mostly or entirely chocolate brown. These cats are medium to large with rounded head and long muzzle.

The york chocolate cat breed originates in the united states. It is a beautiful breed that comes is a variety of colors such as frost lilac fawn and seal. The sweet chantilly tiffany originated when breeders crossed a burmese with a persian.

Since this breed was established in new york in 1983 this is the reason why the name york was given to this breed. In 1983 on a goat dairy farm owned by janet chiefari in grafton new york a longhaired black and white barn cat named blacky had a romantic rendezvous with a longhaired black tom cat named smokey which produced a litter of kittens that included one longhaired brown and white female kitten named brownie. The male cat generally weighs a substantial 14 to 16 pounds females are a little less at 10 to 12 pounds.

Her long silky coat is most popular in its original chocolate brown but she also comes in other colors. The york chocolate is a recent american breed of show cat. Their short and curly coat can come in different colors such as black blue brown chocolate fawn frost red platinum and white.

It is a large cat that reaches adult weights of between 12 and 18 pounds with an average lifespan of 13 15 years. She is relatively unknown among long haired cat breeds even in the u s. It is a long hair with a soft undercoat that comes in black color.

It is a farm cat in almost every way. The devon rex s fragile fur is not to be brushed by their masters. These cats have a long fluffy coat and a tapered tail.

The breed was named after new york state where it was established in 1983. Hardy vigorous strong and big. She has long pointed ears and a long fluffy tail.

Where she was originally developed. They have slender bodies and long necks. They are also considered as one of the hypoallergenic cat breeds.

These cats are prone to the groovy mutation as a young professor x once put it known as heterochromia meaning one eye may be colored differently from the other.

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