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Lynx Point Lilac Balinese Cat

Blue lynx point including silver. Flame point cream point cinnamon point fawn point seal lynx point chocolate lynx point blue lynx point lilac lynx point flame lynx point cream lynx point cinnamon lynx point fawn lynx point seal torbie point chocolate torbie point blue torbie point lilac torbie point flame torbie.

Siamese Orientals Cats Lilac Point Seal Tabby Silver Siamese Seal Point Flame Point Balinese And Tonkinese Puppies And Kitties Siamese Cats Cats

Point colors edit edit source.

Lynx point lilac balinese cat. The traditional colorpoint balinese for modern see javanese. The balinese cat is a variety of siamese with medium hairs. Moreover it is during the introduction of the new colors in the siamese blue lilac chocolate and lynx point that some cats have developed mid length hairs.

Please note these cats are not available for sale their photo s are used purely as informative and educational tools to help you visually understand what your kitten of a particular color point variety will grow up to like like in terms of their color point. The color of the balinese cat s paw pad can also be used to determine the color point. The lynx point siamese cat was born in the 1940s.

This page features siamese and balinese cat photographs that show what the cat color points look like as they grow into adult hood. Lilac point image credit. The term snow tiger was coined for the similarity in look of the lynx pointed siamese cats and the siberian tigers.

The snow tiger siamese is basically a hybrid of an apple head siamese an oriental short hair or a siamese a color point short hair cpsh. Balinese are extremely intelligent cats although less talkative than their siamese ancestors. Body shading may take form of ghost striping.

Origin seal point siamese and tabby cat. One of the lightest and rarest color point variations of the balinese the lilac point is also one of the most uniquely striking. 1 history 2 characteristics 3 points 4 photos 5 see also.

In addition to brushing keep the claws trimmed the ears cleaned and the teeth brushed. It is only recently that research has shown that balinese are much less allergenic because they. History origin of the snow tiger siamese snow tiger balinese also known as.

The ideal balinese is a svelte cat with long tapering lines very lithe but strong and muscular. Their light grey color reflects lilac and pink when seen in bright light and thus gives them their name. It resembles a siamese with a medium length silky coat and a plumed tail but is not nearly as fluffy as a himalayan and requires much less grooming.

The balinese is a breed of oriental cat with long hair and siamese style markings or points. The balinese is unique. The balinese breed like that of the siamese also comes in additional colors outside the primary colors of seal blue chocolate and lilac.

Edison azureys cats wikimedia commons. The snow tiger exists in both short hair and long hair. This cat boasts of a unique coat that comes in various colors including the rare tortoiseshell appearance.

As a low energy feline a lynx point siamese cat can adapt to a family and single living setting. Body bluish white to plat inum grey cold in tone shading to lighter color on stomach and chest.

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