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Mammalian Classification Of Mammals Chart

This mammal is characterized by its long snout arched back and coarse fur. They are eutheria metatheria and prototheria.

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Since mammals are of different types they are classified into three subclass based on their reproduction.

Mammalian classification of mammals chart. Over 70 of mammal species are in the orders rodentia blue chiroptera red and soricomorpha yellow. Family ornithorhynchidae duck billed platypus and family tachyglossidae spiny anteaters. Mammals were derived in the triassic period about 252 million to 201 million years ago from members of the reptilian order therapsida.

Aardvarks live in the savannas woodlands and grasslands of sub saharan africa. Mammal mammal evolution and classification. Order diprotodontia 10 families and 117 species kangaroos wallaby wombats koalas.

Mammal classification has been through several iterations since carl linnaeus initially defined the class. Its diet consists primarily of ants and termites which it procures by tearing open insect nests with its long claws. Mammals belong to the class mammalia.

Mammalia is a class of animal within the phylum chordata. Mammals are of different types and can be distinguished up into marine mammals smaller mammals and larger mammals. The therapsids members of the subclass synapsida sometimes called the mammal like reptiles generally were unimpressive in relation to other reptiles of their time.

Order monotremata 2 families of mammals that lay eggs with leathery shells and nourish the young with milk from belly pores. The aardvark is the only living species in order tubulidentata.

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