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Mammals Characteristics And Examples

There are only three characteristics that are unique to mammals. Mammals are vertebrate animals belonging to the mammalia class which stand out for the presence of hair and the production of milk.

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Unlike other vertebrates mammals nurse their young with milk produced by mammary glands which are modified and enlarged sweat glands consisting of ducts and glandular tissues that secrete milk through nipples.

Mammals characteristics and examples. List of characteristics mammals. Examples of these are humans dogs elephants cats etc. Mammals mammals are animals that have two striking characteristics.

Not all mammals have nipples however. Their skin is covered over with hairs. This milk provides young with much needed proteins sugars fats vitamins and salts.

Single boned jaws mammals have a mandible or lower jaw that is made of one bone for eating prey and chewing food. We have said that mammals form a class of living beings with notable differences among themselves. The presence of hair in their bodies three middle ear bones and mammary glands.

The presence of body hair and mammary glands which produce milk. Examples of monotremes are platypus and echidna. Other characteristics of mammals are also found in other animals such as the reptiles fish insects and birds.

Mammals have hair or fur on their skin. Mammals that lay eggs are called monotremes. However they present a series of characteristics that are not present in any other animal species.

Diaphragms mammals all have a diaphragm which is a muscle in the chest that allows the lungs to contract and expand. Their females have mammary glands which secret milk to feed their babies. The hair or fair on the skin of a mammal acts as a protective shield for the skin.

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