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Persian Cat Breeds The Most Beautiful Cat In The World

Persian cats have a whole lotta fur which makes them one of the most glamorous cats on our list. When the cat fanciers association formed in 1906 persian cats were one of the organization s first registered breeds.

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The abyssinian is not only one of the oldest cat breeds but he is maybe one of the most beautiful of all.

Persian cat breeds the most beautiful cat in the world. These cats have nice coats and shiny eyes that light up any place they look at. Bombay cats are tolerant towards other pets and friendly towards their humans. Since then persians have become one of the most popular breeds in america.

It s no surprise because of its elegant nature that it s one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. These felines are perfect pets that got infinite beauty. In fact according to the cat fancier s association persians snagged the fourth spot in their ranking of the most popular breeds for 2017.

They have lovely and active personalities. These breeds are friendly energetic and playful cats which can even be easily pulled on a leash. The bombay cat breed is beautiful and affectionate that actually looks like a small panther without being aggressive.

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