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Persian Cat Vs Exotic Shorthair

Cats such as these are called cpcs for color point carriers. Short haired cats don t require daily brushing as long haired cats do.

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The exotic shorthair is similar to the persian breed in many ways including temperament but exotics tend to be more active and inquisitive than a persian and conformation except it has a short dense double undercoat.

Persian cat vs exotic shorthair. The exotic is similar to the persian in many ways including temperament and conformation a flat nose and face with the exceptions of the short dense coat. As a colorado persian cat and exotic shorthair cat breeder we photographically explain the the differences between traditional dollfaced flat faced and extreme faced persian cats. The exotic shorthair was in fact developed as a short haired version of the persian.

Exotic shorthair physical characteristics. A persian without pretension the exotic is also easy to care for with a minimal shedding but still luxurious coat. The main benefits of an exotic shorthair over a persian cat.

This is because the face is also flat and pushed in like the persian cat. Deep seal brown points should provide clear contrast with the pale fawn body color. The exotic shorthair is a breed of cat developed as a short haired version of the persian.

Please enjoy your visit check out our jokes page and come back often as we are constantly adding information specific to persian cats and kittens. The stomach and chest may be even lighter in color than the back since this pattern is recessive to full color when the himalayans are bred to persians of other colors many cats are created that carry the potential to produce pointed cats. The main benefit of an exotic over a persian is less maintenance the persian cat requires a large amount of maintenance.

You don t have to deal with the constant knots and tangles that you get with long haired cats. The exotic shorthair can be succinctly described as being a short haired persian since for all intents it meets every standard for the persian breed except for the coat. An exotic shorthair is a cat or kitten from an exotic breeding program that exhibits the traits of a persian but with a short plush coat.

So an exotic is a cat produced to be a shorthaired persian. In the late 1950s the persian was used as an outcross by some american shorthair breeders. The exotic shorthair cat is such a sweet faced cat that it is often referred to as the lazy man s persian.

Usually when someone says exotic they mean exotic shorthair although the two varieties exist lh and sh.

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