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Abyssinian Dove

The abyssinian cat has large ears meaning it has fantastic hearing on top of its broad head and the large almond shaped eyes of the abyssinian are still distinctive to this breed today. Well balanced temperamentally and physically.

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This article is accompanied by an illustration of the abyssinian cat.

Abyssinian dove. The abyssinian cat is a medium sized cat with a long and muscular yet slender body and a relatively short tail. The paws and the nose are mauvish pinks on the other hand which is just perfect for creating the look. They are a pastel version of the chocolate abyssinian.

The breed is somewhat prone to develop gingivitis so kittens should be taught to tolerate having their teeth brushed or. The paws and the nose are a mauve pink color. The base of their coats is pinkish cream in color while the ticking is dove gray with hints of pink.

Abyssinian cats are one of the most popular domestic cats around the world. The abyssinian requires little in the way of grooming thanks to its dense and manageable coat. The abyssinian has well muscled long slim and athletic legs in the standing position it looks as though its standing on tip toe.

Chocolate or bright red or a mixture of both. Lilac tortie a mixture of warm pinkish dove grey rich cream ticked with appropriate deeper colours. Its ears are large alert and arched slightly forward as though they are listening to every word.

23b chocolate abyssinian overall appearance rich copper brown ticked with dark chocolate base hair. An occasional bath to remove loose hair in tandem with a regular regimen of brushing will keep the abys coat sleek and shiny. The aby as it is fondly called has a triangular shaped head and a distinguishing feature is the m fur marking on its forehead.

Rich apricot ticking colour. Abyssinian is lithe hard and muscular showing eager activity and a lively interest in all surroundings. Dark chocolate nose leather.

Zula the property of mrs. The first mention of an abyssinian was in the january 27 1872 issue harper s weekly where the 3rd prize in the december 1871 crystal palace show was taken by the abyssinian cat captured in the late abyssinian war. This is a very unusual color and is not recognized by many cat associations.

23d lilac abyssinian overall appearance warm pinkish dove grey ticked with deeper dove grey base hair. Undercoat of appropriate colouring. The base of the cat s coat is of pinkish cream color while the ticking is done with the dove grey color that has hints of pink to it.

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