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Abyssinian Guinea Pig Personality

The abyssinian s personality and temperament. The abyssinian guinea pig is a popular and exotic brand of guinea pig that originates from the andean region of south america.

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They are more active vocal playful and also carry an outgoing personality.

Abyssinian guinea pig personality. It definitely seemed like the abbys had have a more spunky personality. Abyssinian guinea pigs have a different personality than other guinea pigs. Abyssinian guinea pigs tend to have a social and outgoing personality mixed with an energetic and curious one.

It s a good idea to let them have floor time and play time daily. Abyssinian guinea pig personality. Abyssinian guinea pig facts personality.

Almost every abyssinian guinea pig owner or breeder expresses that it is a mischievous breed of abyssinian guinea pig as it also attracts attention with his personality other than appearance. The abyssinian guinea pig personality. Again each guinea pig is an individual and has its own personality.

I have owned three guinea pigs one peruvian and two abyssinians i have the two abbys right now and my sister has owned one short hair and one abyssinian. There is a consensus among guinea pig owners breeders and behaviorists that this breed tends to be very mischievous and by that we mean more naughty than all the other breeds. They are social and friendly with other cage mates as well as their owners.

Contrary to popular belief the abyssinian guinea pig did not originate from the abyssinia region of africa which covers northern ethiopia and eritrea. The abyssinian guinea pig is an adorable breed of domestic cavies popular for its unique coat and outgoing personality. They can be any color in the guinea pig rainbow and breed readily with other breeds of guinea pigs.

The abyssinian guinea pig is one of the most popular and recognizable breeds of guinea pig in the world. The abyssinian is known for his mischievous behavior and trainability. This naughty and curious personality gives them a mischievous personality.

Abyssinian guinea pigs have loud personalities they act as definite individuals with their own characteristics habits and idiosyncrasies. They are great pets for kids. Do abyssinian guinea pigs make good pets.

The only difference between an abyssinian and other breeds of guinea pigs is the coat texture and growth pattern. However it s also possible that since abbys look a little cuter because of their hair growth patterns to me at. Abyssinians are a very curious genus.

Abyssinian guinea pig personality. However some of the words that abyssinian guinea pig owners use to describe their abyssinian guinea pig are mischievous vocal lovable gentle curious devoted bold independent and lively. Abyssinians typically have an even number of rosettes with the show quality specimens having eight or ten swirls of hair including two on their shoulders two on their hips two on their rump and two or four on their back.

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