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Abyssinian Ticked Coat

It has various bands of color on each of its hairs which are short and lie close to the cat s body. The abyssinian æ b ɪ ˈ s ɪ n i ən is a breed of domestic short haired cat with a distinctive ticked tabby coat in which individual hairs are banded with different colors.

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They also often have a dark blue stripe that runs down their spine through to their tails which is usually tipped in a deep blue coloration.

Abyssinian ticked coat. The breed is named for abyssinia now called ethiopia where it is believed to have originated. The base hair the belly and insides of the legs are typically a pale cream color. The abyssinian cat is a natural breed cat is most well known for its ticked coat.

The coat of abyssinian cats. Well balanced temperamentally and physically with all elements of the cat in pro portion. In nomenclature terms they are also known as simply abys.

Abyssinians with blue coats have a dark soft blue grey coat ticked with a deeper blue. The ticked coat resembles a rabbit s coat hence the nicknames rabbit cat hare cat and bunny cat. Because of her cat show win we know that zulu existed but whether she is the mother of the breed is contested.

The coat shows a tabby pattern all over the body except for the tail paws ridges of the spine and the hind legs. While we are talking about the ticked effect on the coat it is important to note that it is one of the highlighting features that make these cats so appealing to all the pet lovers. The abyssinian is lithe hard and muscular showing eager activity and a lively interest in all surroundings.

The overall impression of the ideal abyssinian would be a colorful cat with a distinctly ticked coat medium in size and regal in appearance. The story goes that a british captain brought zulu home from abyssinia in the 1860s and began to breed her when her unusual ticked coat was so well received in britain. Abyssinia is an old name for ethiopia.

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