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American Curl Cat Colors

In 1993 the american curl became the first cat breed to be accepted by the cat fanciers association as a single champion class breed with two coat lengths long and short. The american curl set a new precedent in the cat fanciers association.

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The first cat was named shulamith and appeared as a kitten at the doors of joe and grace ruga.

American curl cat colors. She is very interested in people and gets along well with her parents. The american curl is accepted in all colors and patterns. However all american curl cats have smooth silky fur.

American curls have been seen and shown in every recognized color including the rarer ones like fawn and lilac as well as every possible marking pattern from tortoiseshell to color point. In addition to their signature ear shape the american curl cat is known for having a long luxurious tail. The american curl is a lively cat.

Curl coats can come in both long and short hair with each variation lying close to the body and being relatively free of undercoat. You should also look for large walnut shaped eyes which give american curl cats a bright curious expression. Temperament intelligence of the american curl.

They have very little undercoat and their topcoats tend to feel very soft and silky. The american curl enjoys daily exercise. The american curl came to being as a result of genetic mutation.

They relish cat trees in the house with perches for climbing and jumping. American curl cats come in every color and pattern imaginable in both long and shorthair varieties. Since american curl cats come in all different colors like white black brown and red you can t identify one based on the color of its coat.

The curl stands out for his distinctively shaped ears but even without them he is a striking cat with a sweet expression and a silky coat that can be long or short and any color including such exotic shades as chocolate tortoiseshell smoke silver patched tabby and lilac lynx point. The american curl comes in a truly stunning array of colors and patterns. They are among the youngest cat breeds.

The american curl was the first cat breed with two coat lengths to be recognized by the cfa.

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