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American Curl Fluffy Cat American Curl Cat Breeds

The american curl is one of the youngest cat breeds. Their plumed tails resemble that of ostrich feather boas capturing cat lovers and enthusiasts worldwide.

American Curl Most Affectionate Cat Breeds Cat Breeds American Curl Fluffy Cat Breeds

From 1983 cat fanciers began deliberately breeding curly ear cats and the new breed was named the american curl in 1986.

American curl fluffy cat american curl cat breeds. The content and costs of the american cat with curled ears very unpretentious and does not require special highlighting. Today the breed has become popular throughout the united states and has been exported to many other countries around the world. The american curl is a distinctive domestic cat characterized by its unique wispy ears that curl back creating an alert and elegant look similar to that of a wild lynx.

Generally they are very playful and active cats who come in an enormous variety of coat colours and patterns. The curl stands out for his distinctively formed ears however even with out them he s a hanging cat with a candy expression. Their coat requires minimal care of because never falls.

The studbooks were officially closed in 2010 so all subsequent pedigreed american curls are the result of curl curl breedings. American curl kittens before you buy image credit. Up until 2010 it was acceptable for american curls to be outcrossed with any non pedigreed domestic cat which has helped create the amazing diversity in the breed s coat and color variations.

She found her way to the welcoming door of joe and grace ruga in lakewood california. The american curl may have a unique appearance but the breed has another common trait that links them to other felines. It was born of a natural genetic mutation that first appeared in shulamith a stray black kitten with long silky hair and strangely ears that curled backward.

Whereas some new cat breeds have had a tough time gaining acceptance by cat fanciers the american curl has purred his method into the hearts of judges and cat lovers in an amazingly quick time. Aug 12 2016 american curl cats are beautiful. The american curl is an exceptional breed of cat characterised by their backward bent crescent shaped ears.

Your american curl cat will appreciate a multilevel cat tree a window perch and a selection of toys to play with. American curls are instantly recognizable by their ears which are curiously formed as if fashioned by a hat designer. This beautiful and friendly cat comes from lakewood calfornia and is one of the youngest breeds in the world.

This is a very energetic cats they are mobile and playful need of sufficient space and gym for their exercise. These extraordinary ears originate from a spontaneous mutation in a cat from the southern united states in the early eighties. Cat breeds american curl shorthair.

See more ideas about american curl cats cat breeds. They love to climb and they need to scratch.

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