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American Shorthair Black And White Kitten

Taking reservations on our upcoming litters. Black smoke american shorthair.

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American shorthair kittens are known for their longevity robust health good looks quiet disposition and amiability with children and dogs the american shorthair also known as ash is america s own breed whose ancestors came to north america with early settlers from europe records indicate that the mayflower carried several cats to hunt ship s rats.

American shorthair black and white kitten. Overtime the cats were bred to be sturdier stronger cats able to hunt well and survive long winters which is why one of their defining characteristics. The american shorthair comes in more than 80 different colors patterns ranging from black to white and a variety of colors between. The american shorthair is considered to be the shorthaired cat that is native to the united states.

American shorthair classic silver tabby kittens american shorthair brown tabby kittens. White cats with areas of black smoke. The american is an easy cat to care for and makes a wonderful quiet companion.

It s actually just a reference to any cat that has the distinctive coat markings that give them the appearance of wearing a formal dinner suit. The cat should have a white undercoat with deep black tipping appearing completely black when the cat sits still. In fact records show these cats were even on the mayflower.

The american shorthair cat is a breed that goes back centuries in america. Some people wrongly assume that tuxedo cats are a specific breed. In the show ring a black and white cat will fall under the bi color division.

The cat fanciers association recognized them as a breed in 1906. To differentiate them from randombred cats also known as domestic shorthairs the pedigreed felines were given the name american shorthair in 1966. The black and white coat pattern in cats is sometimes referred to as pied cats magpie and even patched.

Our american shorthair kittens are sociable friendly and healthy. Black smoke and white american shorthair. The american shorthair tolerates being left alone.

American shorthair breeders southern california. We raise the classic silver tabby which has black markings set on a silver background the typical bullseye pattern seen on the side of the cat. The cats are recognized by all registries.

American shorthair kittens for sale. She is an affectionate cat but also spends time just sleeping in the sun. The cats were first brought over in ships from europe by settlers to help with rodent population control.

If your pet has white fur but her ears and tail are black she is said to have van markings. Mask and points should be black with a band of white around the hair base only visible when parting the fur. Bi color kitties that have black and white markings are often referred to as being tuxedo or piebald cats.

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