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American Shorthair Silver Tabby Cat

For more information on our available kittens please contact us. The ground colour should be pale bluish silver.

British Shorthair Silver Tabby Female Cat Photo Wp15587 British Shorthair Silver Tabby American Shorthair Cat Tabby Cat

They are hardy intelligent affectionate and make ideal house cats.

American shorthair silver tabby cat. The breed got its own name and it hasn t look back. American shorthairs mollybean x kc may have kittens after the first of the year. 12th best kitten gc nw stedam s 30 pieces of silver.

11th best kitten gc nw stedam s colt 45. Patterns can be calico solid bi color tabby smoke tortoiseshell and shaded. But as people started noticing cats for more than their hunting habits the american shorthair stood out as a purely american cat.

Nose leather can be old rose with blue trim or blue. Silver tabby american shorthair male. These cats have a white undercoat that accentuates their bright silver fur and bold black markings giving them an especially striking appearance.

Red tabby american shorthair. American shorthair cats are an easy to care for breed of cat. Nw cheese cat cefh.

Our american shorthair silver classic tabby kittens for sale can be reserved for a nominal refundable deposit restrictions apply. Eyes can be hazel or green. Agility trained gentle calm friendly social confident.

Silver tabby silver tabby with white. However one of the most beautiful has to be the silver tabby with their superb markings and striking patterns. A silver tabby american shorthair changed the course of the history of this cat breed in 1965 when it won the united states cat of the year award prompting the authorities to rename the breed from domestic shorthair to american shorthair.

The silver tabby american shorthair cat your next companion. Cream red silver golden brown cameo and chinchilla. In 1906 the all american cats earned recognition as an official breed.

Silver tabby white american shorthair male 2019 20 show season. Cream tabby silver tabby silver patched tabby are all possible colors with this breeding working with classic tabby in a variety of color in american shorthair. Any tabby patterns can be present.

A good representation of our american shorthair babies healthy fat and mama s that are incredibly attentive. They have no congenital health issues no special diet requirements and are happy social pets. The american shorthair is a lovely looking cat with an amazing amount of colour variations.

It s their beautiful white undercoat that enhances and accentuates their coat patterns so well. Beginning in the early 1900 s people began breeding the cats for specific qualities. The american shorthair cat has a short dense coat and is believed to have come to america aboard the mayflower.

Silver tabby american shorthair male 2019 20 show season. The silver tabby is the best known of the american shorthair s more than 80 color and pattern variations. Pewter tabby blue silver tabby american shorthair.

The markings should be blue. The undercoat should be white. Mature american shorthair cats will usually weigh 11 15 pounds for the males and 8 12 pounds for the female.

Although brown or silver tabby is the most common and treasured color patterns. Pads should be blue.

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