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Ancient Egyptian Cat Breeds

The chausie is another egyptian cat breed although it is a hybrid cat and not recognized by associations such as the cfa. The jungle cat the african wildcat and a sacred cat that was intermediate in size between the jungle cat and the domestic cat.

Egyptian Maus Egyptian Mau Egyptian Cat Breeds Egyptian Cats

The two species eventually merged creating a new breed which was closely related to the modern egyptian mau.

Ancient egyptian cat breeds. List of breeds of egyptian cats 1 abyssinian. Although the great evolution of the egyptian cat breeds was in the 50s its breeding began 3000 years ago so it can be seen in egyptian cave paintings. Ruddy rich dark brown also known as usual or tawny blue the dilute of ruddy a slate blue gray cinnamon rich deep cinnamon red also called sorrel or red and fawn the dilute of cinnamon a pale tan.

The latter had a calmer temperament and so was more commonly domesticated than its wilder relative. They re one of the largest breeds of domestic cats sometimes weighing as much as 25 pounds. They are one of the few naturally spotted breeds of domesticated cat.

However its name comes from abyssinia a name that was. There were two main breeds of cat native to ancient egypt. In ancient egypt these whiskers were already kept as domestic cats to keep grain stocks free of mice.

In 1830 christian gottfried ehrenberg accounted of having observed three different small cat forms in egypt. The jungle cat felis chaus and the african wildcat felis silvestris lybica. It is considered a rare breed.

The four main abyssinian colors recognized by tica and other cat registration organizations are. The spots of the mau occur on only the tips of the hairs of its coat. Felis chaus jungle cats have been found preserved in several ancient egyptian temples showing that they were prized by the egyptians before they were even bred into the chausie we know today.

In ancient egypt cats were known as the mau and played an important part in society. The origins of the abyssinian cat are not very clear but everything seems to indicate that it comes from ancient egypt cat breed. There is a long list of domestic cat breeds that exist today but in ancient times things were a little different.

Like the abyssinian these cats resemble cougars although they are actually a hybrid between jungle cats felis chaus and domestic cats. Domestic cat felis catus egyptian maus are a small to medium sized short haired cat breed.

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