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Balinese Dog Breed

The balinese dog is also said to be the result of the crossbreeding of a white malamute with a samoyed because its appearance closely resembles these breeds. The kintamani bali dog is the republic of indonesias national breed and very popular in the country the fédération cynologique internationale notes in its official document of the breed.

Kintamani Is A Dog Race That Came From The Mountains Of Kintamani Bali Indonesia These Dogs Can Be Classified In The Working Group With Med Anjing Indonesia

These dogs stand out from other dog breeds with their unique appearance.

Balinese dog breed. They are very playful easy going and love people. It is a popular pet for the balinese and locally bali s only official breed. Kintamani dog is a native canine breed indigenous to the kintamani region of the bali island indonesia though it is rarely found elsewhere away from its homeland.

Another side of belief states that the kintamani dogs descended from crossing a dog wolf and fox. Intelligent rare dog breed very affectionate. The story follows king.

Balinese have blue eyes and pointy ears. They have an adorable wrinkled forehead small ears and a hippo like head. The hindu epic mahabharata has been invoked as an explanation of the cultural acceptance of masses of free roaming dogs and their integral place in balinese communities.

It s a very busy and active cat breed that has high energy levels. The bali street dog one of the oldest species with dna dating back over 12 000 year. The breed was developed from free roaming local bali street dogs and was recognised by the fci in 2019.

One of the oldest dog breeds to survive until the present day the shar pei is believed to have originated in 200 bc in southern china. The balinese was the result of breeding longhaired siamese cats. The kintamani anjing kintamani or the kintamani bali dog is a dog native to the indonesian island of bali and originated from the kintamani region.

It s similar to its cousin the siamese. I m a solo rescuer would like support. It has long silky hair and weighs up to nine pounds.

The dog that he brought was later crossed with the feral dogs of balinese natives. Characterized by a broad face flat forehead flat cheeks thick erect ears dark brown almond shaped eyes and compact jaws it has an attractive appearance quite different from an average village dog. The balinese may look graceful and elegant but it s a bit of a clown.

A small companion breed originating in italy the bolognese is a calm faithful dog with a long fluffy pure white coat.

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