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Balinese Mask Barong

Every balinese village has a barong that it considers its guardian. The mask itself is a sacred object of worship and usually kept in a temple.

Barong Dance In Bali Costumes And Masks Barong Bali Barong Bali

Barong dance is one of the traditional dances that use some media such as mask and costume as the embodiment of the creatures believed by the people of bali.

Balinese mask barong. The term barong can apply to the dance the mask or the character depending on context. During a dance drama that includes the famous kris heirloom sword dance in which deeply entranced performers turn swords on. Length 65 cm ear to ear height 26 cm without the beard 45 cm with the beard depth 21 cm order number.

The term barong is thought to have been derived from the local term bahruang which today. The barong animal mask represents good and its types include the tiger boar and buffalo. Barong masked figure usually representing an unidentified creature called keket who appears at times of celebration in bali indonesia for the balinese barong is the symbol of health and good fortune in opposition to the witch rangda also known as calonarang.

Barong animal mask dance together with sanghyang dance are considered native balinese dances predating hindu influences. This dance is a traditional dance that uses masks and costumes as the embodiment of balinese spirits. And among these cultures bali is one of few places where the act and art of masks are not only alive but thriving.

They continue reading barong landung. Wood paint leather glass hair bells style. According to balinese belief barong dance is also a sacred art so there is also a mystical impression in it.

The native indonesians of austronesian heritage often have similar mask dances that represent either ancestral or natural spirits. Barong masks are taken out to perform dances and ceremonies on major holidays most notably the kunti sraya or barong dance. Barong masks are some of the most important cultural artifacts in bali.

Barong landung is the name given to 2 giant puppets one male the other female. The name is barong dance. Although barong masks have become popular items among foreign collectors to the balinese they are much more than objects of aesthetic merit.

From the day of the dead masks of mexico to various african tribal masks different face covers carry different purposes for different culture s customs and belief systems. Barong mask 2 material. They parade in the streets at balinese new year and the big festival of galungan.

Barong dances among the most sacred in bali symbolize the intertwining of good and evil and the complex relationship between man and the supernatural. An example is dayak s hudoq dance. The barong mask is a means of both giving the spirit tangible form and harnessing its energy.

Wood paint leather style. The barong is a mythical beast that purifies and protects the village. Length 59 cm height 42 cm depth 10 5 cm order number.

It should be acknowledged that the use of masks for sacred ritualistic purposes isn t unique to bali.

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