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Bengal Breed Cat

Bengals have a wild appearance. The bengal could never be called delicate.

What Type Of Cat Are You Cat Breeds Bengal Cat Cat Breeds Hypoallergenic

Their golden shimmer comes from their leopard cat ancestry and their coats may show spots rosettes arrowhead markings or.

Bengal breed cat. It looks in fact like a miniature leopard. The bengal began as a controversial breed and to some degree remains one today. If you happen to own the male that you are breeding her with it is perfectly okay for them to remain together all through the pregnancy.

The desire of such cross breeding is to make a domestic cat looks like a wild feline but has the temperament of a local cat. The bengal cat gained breed recognition by the cat fancier s association in 2016. Bengals are the only successful mating between a wild cat and domestic cat with many breeders and international breed organisations having been against such a pairing.

The breed s name is a reference to the scientific name of the asian leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis. The bengal is one of just a handful of so called hypoallergenic cat breeds. The bengal cat is the only domestic cat breed cfa allows to display rosettes in its coat.

The bengal cat is a domesticated cat breed created from hybrids of domestic cats especially the spotted egyptian mau with the asian leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis the breed name comes from the leopard cat s taxonomic name. When you decide to breed your female bengal you should wait until she s one year or older and she should have already gone through a couple of heat cycles before you breed her. The hybrid crosses are registered as foundation f1 f2 f3 bengals that are not eligible for show and only the females are used for breeding.

The modern bengal breed traces to cats bred by mrs. Mill beginning in the early 1980 s. The bengal cat is a hybrid breed formed by crossing the local cat with an asian leopard cat.

Agile and graceful with a strong muscular body as befits a cat who looks as if they belong in the jungle. Despite their wild appearance bengal cats are actually quite affectionate with their human families. They are also recognized for registration by the american cat fanciers association the canadian cat association the united feline organizations and the governing council of the cat fancy.

They will get along just fine. Bengal cats were first recognized as an experimental breed by tica in 1983 and received full recognition in 1993. The leopard cat looks very much like a domestic cat except for the larger snapping eyes pronounced whisker pads longer legs and brilliant leopard style markings.

Bengal cat personality is wonderful and has such a wild beauty that we could spend hours contemplating it. The bengal breed originated as a hybrid of a domestic cat felis silvestris catus and a leopard cat prionailurus bengalensis. Since the wild cat used in the foundation of the breed was the felis bengalensis the name of the breed became the bengal.

These cat s coats bear a strong resemblance to jaguars ocelots and leopards coats. The breed s founder jean s mill wanted to create a cat that resembled a miniature leopard but which boasted a sweet affectionate nature.

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