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Bengal Cat And Maine Coon Mix

Maine coon and bengal cats are similarly sized breeds which makes them safe mating choice for the welfare conscious breeder. You can find me on facebook and look at all of my photo albums.

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The maine coon cat s neck is medium the chest is broad torso is long and the legs are average.

Bengal cat and maine coon mix. My female is 9 pounds. Each one wants a unique and interesting kitten. We raised both from kittens and never did we have to work as hard to entertain or feed right that very second with them.

One of the ways to put your innovative skills into action is through a maine coon and bengal mix. As cat lovers increase in number their creativity also increases. It s worth saying up front that while everything we know about bengal cat maine coon mix cats comes from scientific research and accurate reliable sources you can never fully predict how a cross breed cat will turn out.

Cinnamon is a very sweet bengal maine coon tabby mix. Males can get up to 15 pounds but usually run around 10 pounds. Go for a maine coon mix from your local shelter.

They aren t all that big. I actually have eight cats 3 rescues one ragdoll one maine coon mix and one tortie mix a purebred bengal a purebred maine coon and three maine coon bengal mix. My bengal eats raw food as bengals are known for sensitive stomachs.

The main motive behind creating this mix was to obtain a cat with a temperament of a domesticated cat and wild markings of a leopard cat. Males usually weigh anywhere from 13 to 18 pounds while the females range from 9 to 12 pounds. His mom was adopted along with his two siblings when he was younger he loved to play in water now not so much like bengals he will play fetch at times loves to be pet gives head butts he very sweet and affectionate.

So they are willing to be as innovative as possible. If you are looking to feature the purebred bengal you will find a lot of images of my beautiful girl zoey. Our other cats are a marbled maine coon mix and a b w lady.

We specialize in rare and new colour genetics highly typed european lined maine coons. Introducing the bengal maine coon cross. Bengals are very active and don t often like other cats.

The maine coon cat is one of the largest breeds of domestic cat. Our priority is to breed healthy and beautiful kittens with the most loving and people oriented personalities. W elcome to our small maine coons cattery located in trois rivières we hand deliver our kittens in quebec and ontario ship anywhere in canada united states internationally.

Maine coon bengal mix originated from crossbreeding domestic cats with wild asian leopard cats which is a type of a small jungle cat. A bengal is a hybrid cat and has a more demanding personality. Carried out with caution and ethics such a crossbreed is a great idea.

Being part bengal definitely explains so many many things.

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