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Cat Breeds With Big Ears And Eyes

The slightly rounded wedge shaped head is accentuated with large ears and large almond shaped eyes. A true big cat breeds favourite.

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The 20 cat breeds with big ears.

Cat breeds with big ears and eyes. They live the life to the fullest. Sweet and spirited this breed has been popular with cat lovers since the late 1800s. These cats have an exotic wild look muscular yet elegant bodies finely boned legs and long tapering tails.

The sphynx cat with big eyes. The siamese is a sleek cat with prominent ears. 9 to 15 years.

The beautiful russian blue is also a top cat breed with big eyes. The sphynx cat breed was born out of toronto canada and it is commonly known for its hairless body. What s most interesting about this cat breed s eyes is the fact that all kittens are born with yellow eyes.

With its beautifully spotted coat big ears and large round eyes the ocicat looks more like a miniature wild cat than a domesticated pet. These cats are known for their vocalizations and will chat with their humans day and night especially when they have an opinion to express. They are not only known for their long haired fluffy fur coat that comes in various colours but also for their very round eyes.

The devon rex is known to be quite playful and intelligent and abhors being left behind. But other than their wrinkled skin they also have enormous ears wedge shaped heads with prominent cheekbones and large lemon shaped eyes. Apart from their exotic appearance they re generally friendly and cuddly cats.

The abyssinian cats are known to jump higher run faster and play harder than other cat breeds. There are so many descendents from this breed that i could write a hwole article only about them. Abyssinia is another name for the ethiopian empire nowadays known just as ethiopia.

It has large eyes and ears that match and at times might remind its owner of an elf as well. These cars have a triangular head with round wide set eyes that always seem to be watching you except for when a cat nap is in progress. No matter the build coat type or lack thereof and character all of these breeds have enormous ears.

Abyssinian this is probably the most intelligent cat breed out there. However that s where the wildness ends as this breed is known for its dedicated and generous nature giving back love to all those who care to indulge in it.

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